welcome to lfa

At Lloyd Forensic & Accounting Services Corporation, there are 3 words we abide by – accuracy, efficiency and reliability.

  • Accuracy meaning no figure is too small to ignore. Our audits are all inclusive. We don't do a job half-done. When we undertake a project, we give it our all and see it to the very end.
  • Efficiency is what makes us stand tall as a small firm when there are so many accounting corporations. We have full expertise in what we do and able to analyze instances of fraud, non-compliance and financial manipulations.
  • Reliability is what a client gets when we not only deliver what we've promised, but also make sure that all your company secrets remain confidential from the outside world. When a client expresses faith in our ability to solve their problems, we undertake the same as a duty, not just a job. And that is what differentiates us from the rest!

When attorneys need an investigation to be done accurately, they get in touch with Lloyd Forensic & Accounting Services Corporation to handle their due diligence in the areas of forensic audits, internal audits, financial reporting, and more. That is because we have proven time and again in the last few decates that we have full expertise in handling and investigating financial misrepresentations and frauds. Corporations like Sony Music, NY Presbyterian Hospital, Hermes of Paris, and Fifth Avenue Saks have employed members of our team for services as varied as forensic accounting, audit prep, preparation and analysis of annual budgets and financial statements, litigation support, SOX compliance, fund administration, internal audits, and lots more. The volume of work speaks for itself. From being an external observer with just analytic duties to someone who works on the inside to plan and implement various financial strategies, we undertake each and every job with the same earnestness, and give it my 110% dedication.

From investigating white collar crimes like theft and embezzlement, verifying allegations of fraud on part of employees/suppliers/customers to calculating estimates for product liability, shareholder disputes, breach of contract, etc. to making certified financial statements, we have ample of experience in dealing with all and can do the job quicker than most large firms. Firms needing Interim Controller or CFO services will benefit greatly from my experience, as a CPA licensed in New York and New Jersey , in dealing with government regulation and financial reporting. In addition when a case goes to trial, We can stand as an expert witness.