Know Where the Money Goes

Lloyd Forensic & Accounting Services Corporation is distinguished by our expertise in forensic accounting. This drives our full range of capabilities, including: Forensic Audits; Financial Accounting (Bookkeeping, Accounting, Certified Financial Statements); Taxation; and Business Valuations.

Because we are forensic accountants, we are uniquely qualified to tell you exactly where your money is going. As forensic accountants, we use accounting skills and tools we’ve developed to investigate fraud or embezzlement and to provide financial information that can be used in a court of law. At Lloyd Forensic & Accounting Services, we also use those same skills and tools to uncover for our clients everything about anything financial—in the service areas below.

Find Out Where Your Money Is Going

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Forensic Audits

Forensic audits can be used to: uncover fraud and embezzlement; discover ways a business can run more profitably; allocate assets in divorces; calculate the cost of a business interruption; and support claims from medical offices to Medicare and Medicaid and other healthcare payers.

Financial Accounting

Our experience in forensic accounting means our bookkeeping and accounting services give you relevant and exact financial information. And our audited certified financial statements do an impeccable job showing lenders, investors, and you, where the money goes.


We do tax planning, tax return preparation, and tax audits for businesses and individuals looking to minimize liability while being compliant with current tax laws. Our forensic accounting expertise insures accuracy and full backup for each line item.

Business Valuations

We can determine the true, supportable value of a business for clients who are selling, buying, or investing in it. As forensic accountants, we dig deeper, using both fair market value and IRS comps, as well as every asset and liability contributing to the business’s value.

Expertise You Can Count On

We are experts at forensic audits, financial audits, and business valuations, as well as accounting, bookkeeping, and taxation, knowing what it takes to be tax compliant.

Forensic Accounting
Benefits a Wide Range of Clients

Accurate Financial Information for Courts, Matrimonial Attorneys, and Medical Offices

A Comprehensive View of Where the Money Goes for Businesses and Individuals

Full Tax Compliance and Backup for Statutory Employees, Business Owners, and High Net Worth Individuals

Supportable Business Valuations for Small Business Principals and Investors and Business Interruption Audits for Insurers