Tax Planning

For businesses, statutory employees, and high net worth individuals, we do a financial analysis from a tax perspective to uncover ways you can legitimately minimize your tax liability, in compliance with current tax laws. This is where our capabilities as forensic accountants to dig deeper can really makes a difference.

Tax Preparation

We prepare individual and corporate tax returns in-house, including complex multi-state submissions. We also submit a forensic study along with the return. The forensic study shows that you can legally take the deductions you claim without repercussions.

Tax Auditing

If a business or individual tax return is audited by the IRS, we can do a tax audit whether or not we had prepared the return. If the original preparer is not an Enrolled Agent (EA), our CPA can represent the client to the IRS.

Get a Free Review of Your Prior Returns

We will review previously filed returns for accuracy at no charge when you sign up for our package deal. Find out more. Call 860-386-8225 or email