Forensic Audits

Audits That Can Be Used in Court

When attorneys need an accurate financial investigation, they call on Lloyd Forensic & Accounting Services Corporation to handle due diligence with forensic audits, internal audits, financial reporting, and other investigative accounting services. For more than a decade, we have proven time and time again that we have the comprehensive expertise to uncover financial misrepresentations and frauds.

Our work includes: investigating white collar crimes such as theft and embezzlement; verifying allegations of fraud on the part of employees, suppliers, and customers; calculating estimates for product liability; settling shareholder disputes and breaches of contract; and more. We are experienced in dealing in all these areas and can perform the job quicker—and at less cost—than most large firms.

Useful Outside the Courtroom Too

A forensic audit can be used in a court of law because it is a 100% audit of every financial detail. (Tax audits and financial statement audits sample those details.) This is why a forensic audit can also be useful outside the courtroom to: prevent crimes; support compliance efforts; settle civil disputes and litigation between parties; and determine divorce agreements, examining all the assets and debts accumulated during a marriage, to determine alimony, child support, and division of assets. A forensic audit can also give a business or individual the most comprehensive look at where the money is going, often lowering their tax liability.


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